List of Competitions


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Unexpected Design CompetitionFuturistic Design CompetitionExcellence in Design CompetitionMeta, Strategic and Service Design Competition
Advanced Design and Design Research CompetitionCore Resources Manufacturing and Extraction Design CompetitionInformation Technologies Design CompetitionSpacecraft, Spaceplanes and Spaceship Design Competition
Materials, Building Components and Texture Design CompetitionManufacturing and Processing Machinery Design CompetitionEducation and Training Content Design CompetitionMusical Instruments Design Competition
Computer Graphics and 3D Model Design CompetitionLighting Design CompetitionEvent and Happening Design CompetitionGraphics Design Competition
Safety Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment Design CompetitionYoung Design CompetitionBeauty, Personal Care and Cosmetic Products Design CompetitionNatural Sciences and Mathematics Design Competition
Yacht and Marine Vessels Design CompetitionHospitality, Recreation, Travel and Tourism Design CompetitionToy and Recreation Design CompetitionFashion and Travel Accessories Design Competition
Writing, Literature and Content Design CompetitionInformation Processing Tools Design CompetitionGovernance and Public Services Design CompetitionTextile, Fabric, Textures, Patterns and Cloth Design Competition
Human Resources and HR Programs Design CompetitionBusiness Plan and Corporate Operational Plans Design CompetitionSports, Entertainment and Recreation Equipment Design CompetitionMultidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Design Competition
Energy Products and Devices Design CompetitionBanking and Finance Instruments Design CompetitionPrint and Published Media Design CompetitionStreet Furniture Design Competition
Fashion and Jewellery Design CompetitionLandscape Planning and Garden Design CompetitionCar and Land Based Motor Vehicles Design Competition
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